Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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The First Weekend

This weekend, the 27th of September, we signed for our new allotment.  Plot 7, our other allotment is now being run down, dismantled and moved to this new site.

We have two front half plots, separated by a pathway, with paths at either side.


This is how it was on Saturday.

After work on Sunday, I spent a few hours tidying it up and trying to make it look more presentable.  I was also there for an hour so tonight, the 29th.

20140928_184851 20140928_184912FB_IMG_14120090607902220 FB_IMG_14120115558699421

So, we now have a frontage where we plant flowers and herbs to attract bee’s.  we also have 3 beds that have been cleared and weeded.

There are more beds that require clearing and weeding plus some raspberry canes and a composter that will need to go.

The other half has no beds as such so this is where the shed, greenhouse and poly tunnel will go.

FB_IMG_14120091082479114 FB_IMG_14120115945751457

Fortunately, the pay back team are on the site tomorrow so they will be asked to clear this half which will be an enormous help.

It is really exciting to be starting again and being able to start with an almost blank canvas.  At the moment I am thinking of keeping the beds on the one half as they are of a manageable size and the wooden borders are, in the main, OK.

Hopefully you will come with us on this journey of…..A Plot of Two Halves…….