Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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Flying Visit…..

Only went for about an hour today as we had chores in the house to do but got a little done.

Last week we prepared an area for the shed and greenhouse so today i covered the are with weed control fabric.


Two rows of the fabric, pinned down and with lengths of wood to keep it down.

It will get rolled and the we will move the shed and greenhouse from Plot 7 to their new home!

Hopefully if we get the plot tomorrow, we will build a couple of beds and clear some more of the other side.

Stay tuned folks………


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Pay Back is GREAT!!!!

I went down to the plot during the week as I had been advised that the Community Pay Back team would be on and would be asked to clear the larger of the two halves.  Unfortunately i was disappointed.

We went down today expecting to have to start clearing the plot only to find that they had indeed been on the site and had cleared our worst half!!  Over joyed is an understatement.

This now meant that instead of major weeding, we only have to clear the roots and prepare the soil.

So, while I made a start on the bigger half, Alison started to plant over wintering onions and garlic in the beds we had previously prepared.

Ally planted 2 Elephant garlic, 2 bulbs of Germidour garlic, 24 individual cloves, 50 Electric Red onions and 50 Shakespeare white onions.  Now we will have growth over winter and loads of garlic and onions next year!!

I started clearing the weeds from the path that runs between the plot behind us and our plot.  This meant I had to lift approximately 8 slabs, remove the weeds from behind and between them, clear the root systems under them and replace them.

I then started to turn and weed the area where the 10 x 6 greenhouse and the 6 x 4 shed will be situated.

This area will be covered with weed control fabric. The greenhouse will be used solely for seedlings where as previously we have planted tomatoes in it.

Unusually for me, I forgot to take photo’s but i will visit the plot again this week and take some to share.