Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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Serious Work Begins – 31.1.2015

Today was the day that we started to bring our new plot to life.

I know we have over wintering onions and garlic already planted and growing but, today we started to put our mark on the tow halves.

There is a path that runs between the two halves and we always planned to put an arbour at the entrance. We had this at our old plot and we had blackberries growing up the arbour.  This is the plan at this plot.  So, we started by putting the first couple of posts into the ground and securing them at the top with the cross bar.


.Tomorrow, we will put the back two posts in and secure them all together with the climber rails.

You can also see that Alison has planted the two lavender plants that we have bought from the old plot.  They smell gorgeous in the summer!

We also put our son’s bench in between the lavenders, set slightly back.  We built that together and it’s where he sits when he comes down.

Alison had also weeded that area prior to planting the lavender.  Fortunately the area had been covered with weed control fabric, so the weeds were on top and had not grown through.  Once done, we covered the whole area with fresh wood chip.

By the time we had finished all of that, we had been there almost 4 hours and it was starting to get rather cold.

Tomorrow, as previously stated, we will finish the arbour and weed and cover more of the plot to stop weed growth.

We also have to sort out the area where the fruit tree’s we be planted.  We have three already and waiting to go in so all being well, we can achieve that goal tomorrow.


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Rain, Hail, Sleat, Snow…but no frogs

Today, we moved what we had dismantled at Plot 7 yesterday to our new venture.

So, having loaded a work’s Sprinter van up at Plot 7, I drove to our new plot.

Now, both access gates are wide enough for a Sprinter van but the roads leading to the gates take some careful navigating.  They are narrow and generally line with cars on both sides.  Accident waiting to happen in a Sprinter van!

Having managed to miss the cars, I drove the van onto the site and parked up next to our plot.  Considering what was in the back of the van, this was a god send in itself.

We had loaded quite a bit into the van, knowing that we will have to spend next weekend transferring the greenhouses and shed.  This trip was the easy one!

During the unloading, the weather decided to have a laugh at my expense and throw everything at me.

Undeterred, I erected the poly tunnel frame that we will use as a fruit cage, got all the wood that we used for the arbor and raised beds on the plot, positioned some Lavender bushes and generally “cluttered” up the plot!

DSC_0200 DSC_0201 DSC_0202

Yes, we have lots of weeding to do but in the beds that are already in situ, it appears to only be surface weeding.

To the back of the beds and on the fruit side, I suspect that weeding will take a bit longer and be a tad more difficult!

Anyway, next weekend we plan to move the shed and greenhouses.  Can’t wait!!