Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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Nuts & Bolts

Today started out quite mild so the plan was to build our 10 x 6 greenhouse, burn a load of the rubbish that had accumulated and net the 6 x 4 greenhouse and old poly tunnel frame for the fruit area.

Not long after getting to the plot and getting all set up, the rain came.  So it was time for a coffee or two and to wait for it to pass.

When it did, Alison had joined me and she decided to plant our three tree’s that we had bought from the old plot.

Conference Pear Tree Moreno Cherry Tree Plum Tree

I started to get the greenhouse panels into situ and sort out the nuts and bolts.

The first two panels went together easily and without and issues.  The second two were slightly more problematic but after I had broken some rather tight nuts and bolts, shredded some others, we were ready for the roof to go on.

Always tricky, especially when you’re low on nuts and bolts but we got there and it is now ready for positioning and glazing.

6 x 4 Fruit Cage 10 x 6 Greenhouse Fruit cage frame

The 6 x 4 and the poly tunnel frame will be netted and used to protect our fruit plants.

By the time we had done all this, the temperature had plummeted so we called it a day and went home.

Stay tuned folks…..


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Greenhouse Manoeuvre’s

Its been a very busy and long weekend.  We had to cram in a trip to the movies for 50 Shades Of Grey (it is quite good!), 3 hours in work on Sunday morning and moving 2 greenhouses from Plot 7 to A Plot of Two Halves!

So, on Saturday, I had to un-glaze our 10ft x 6ft greenhouse and then dismantle it.  We also have a 6ft x 4ft greenhouse that needed to be dismantled.  So that was Saturday!!

DSC_0251 DSC_0250 DSC_0258 DSC_0252 DSC_0259 DSC_0260

Sunday was spent initially in work but that did facilitate the borrowing of one of the Sprinter vans so that the now flat pack greenhouse’s could be moved.

Being in logistics, you;d think I would be able to maximise the loading of a van!


Also in the back was all of the glass so to say that I drove very carefully is an understatement.

Once at the new plot I unloaded the cargo and to my great surprise found that non of the glass had broken!!  Huge relief!!

Alison started to plant the blackberry plants we had bought from Plot 7 along with our new Thornless Evergreen variety.


I rebuilt the 6ft x 4 ft greenhouse which we will use, once netted, to protect some of the young fruit bushes that we plan to grow.

Alison started to clear and area at the back of the plot were we will plant peas, lettuce and beetroot.

We eventually left and got home at 1740 and it was still light!

Next week we will build the 10ft x 6ft greenhouse, net the smaller greenhouse and move the poly tunnel frame that will also be netted for fruit protection.

Stay tuned folks…..growing season is nearly upon us!!!!

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Serious Work Continues 1.2.2015

Following our hard work yesterday, today we continued to put our mark on the plot.

I got to the plot during the second set of the Australian Open tennis final, Andy was doing OK at this point, with the plan of finishing the arbour.

I had the two back posts to dig in and secure plus all the cross members to give more rigidity and also help the blackberries grow up and around the arbour.  Last time we put this up, it took two of us but today, it was only me.  I impressed myself!!


We will now plant the blackberries and train them up, around and over the arbour and enjoy the fruit of our labour.

The next job was to start weeding the left hand side as you look at the arbour in these images.

That side will be the fruit half of the plot.  We already have a plum tree, pear tree (Conference) and cherry tree (Moreno) to plant and today, Alison bought some raspberry, blackberry and black currant canes.  We also have three rhubarb crowns to plant.

We already have an old 6 x 4 greenhouse that we will net and a poly tunnel frame, 3 x 2 mtr, that will also be netted for the fruit.

DSC_0216 DSC_0215

I have weeded approximately 8 x 4 ft and the rest of that row will be finished and then covered to stop weed growth.

Still loads to be but we are moving in the right direction now.

Love being back at the plot!!