Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….


Back at the Plot…..

Today was gorgeous so I spent a lot of time there for a change.

I had to move the 10 x 6 greenhouse as I have been advised of potential glass breakage due to the winds direction.  I could put a wind break up but, as I have a shed to move to the plot yet, that will act as the wind break.

So, the greenhouse is now 7 feet further along than planned.

Moved Greenhouse 2 Moved Greenhouse

The next job today was to weed and cover the front of the fruit side of the plot.

We have to have a flower border on the front of the plot as we have the front half next to the road through the site.

So, this is now weeded, raked levelish and covered with weed control fabric.  I will make a wooden border for the area and then fill with wood chip.

Flower Bed

Behind the flower bed I have planted 3 rhubarb crowns that have been in a bag for about 6 weeks,  They had started to grown in the bag so in they went.


So, more weeding and covering to do next weekend so that we can plant some of the fruit canes that we have.


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More Planting!!!

I bought some more propagators on Friday (three for £6.00) so had another 108 planting cells to fill today.

Our allotment promotes that we should have a flower border at the front of the plot.  Therefore, we planted flower seeds so that we can have a really pleasant frontage that will attract bee’s etc.  We planted:

Chinese Lanterns    Poached Eggs    Sweet Pea’s    Fox Gloves    Lavender

We also planted Strawberry seeds.  We have previously inherited strawberries on our other plot but have never grown them from seed so this will be interesting.

Stay tuned folks for seed progress updates!!

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We were supposed to go out to a camera club meeting tonight but unfortunately Alison has a bad back and is sofa / bed bound.

So instead I took the opportunity to plant some more seeds.

Earlier in the week I bought some propagators from a garden centre near work.  3 of them hold 36 cells each whilst the 4th has 84 cells.

So tonight I planted the 3 smaller propagators with the following seeds:

Chilli Barak x 9        Chilli Prairie Fire x 9       Broccoli Green Calabrese x 18

Red Leaved Basil      Coriander       Beetroot Chioggio x 18     Beetroot Detroit 2 x 18

Celery Giant Pascal x 18

All have been watered and are now covered in there own little “greenhouse”.

Tomorrow, I will plant up the other 84 cells with a mix of tomatoes, peppers, chillis, parsnips and even some flower seeds.

Stay tuned folks….

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Finally….Planted some seeds!!!

Well, today, we finally planted some seeds for the coming growing season!!  Are we too late?  Will the cold snap come back?  I am not bothered as it is just nice to anticipate planting the seedling on!!

We have planted:

Tomato Italien Plum x 10
Tomato  Lldi x 10
Tomato Red Pear Xbox 10
Tomato Gardeners Delight Xbox 10
Cucumber Marketmore x 7
Cucumber Cornichon De Paris x 7
Pepper California Wonder x  8
Chilli Pepper Demon Red x 8
Tomato Tigerella x 8
Seeds Planted
Our dining room table will now become the indoor growing area!
Also on the table we have our seed potatoes chitting.
Chitting Desiree & Charlotte
We have gotten the seed potatoes from Aldi for the last two years and have had great crops from them.
We have main crop Desiree and Charlotte salad potatoes.
Stay tuned for updates on the seeds in the coming weeks.

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Fruit Cage!!

So the forecast for today was rain until about 2pm.  So when it stopped at about 1.30pm I got ready and disappeared to the plot.

Lots of stuff to do there but we have fruit canes waiting to be planted so, I decided to net the old poly tunnel frame that we have.

The netting is from a mate at the old plot, as is the frame.

The wind didn’t help but I managed to get 3/4’s of it covered, as the netting was not wide enough to do the full length.

Fruit_Cage Fruit_Cage_2



Fortunately, we have plenty of netting so that we can finish the job and also net a 6 x 4  greenhouse that we will use for corn / brassicas.  Got a day off on the 9th, so would like to finish the job then!

Stay tuned…..


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To Short A Visit

Today’s visit to the plot should have been a longer affair but it was cut short by the weather!

I did manage to uncover, turn, rake and recover the area for the 10 x 6 greenhouse.

DSC_0249 Turned DSC_0251 WeededDSC_0253 In Situ

It needs to be levelled correctly and then the floor needs to be wood chipped and then finally glazed.

We will use it to start the seeds off, once its warmer and also grow tomatoes, peppers and chilli’s in pots.

We are now getting somewhere and the next visit will move is further forward towards being ready for the planting season.

Stay tuned…..