Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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We’ve Planted!!!

At last!  We have lift off!

Both Alison and I hit the plot today with building and planting intentions.

My plan was to finish building and start to glaze the greenhouse.  I’m glad to say I only have half of the roof left to do.  We have decided not to plant in the ground but to cover and top with wood chip, then pot the tomatoes in pots.


Alison’s plan was to plant our seed potatoes, the beetroot and the cucumbers.

She planted all the potatoes in two beds.

The first bed contains the majority whilst


the second, the balance.


Alison also moved some mint and chives that we found on the fruit side of the plot.

The cucumbers will go into a bed and be covered by an old greenhouse frame to allow them to grow around the frame. That’s all for the next visit.

Stay tuned for more…..



Busy Day

We went to plot yesterday with the intention of weeding more beds to allow us to plant some stuff today.

We managed to clear another bed and almost finish the spud bed.

Raised Beds 2 Spud Bed

Unfortunately the weather today is not good so there will be no planting!!

We had previously discovered a small pond in the corner of one of the beds.

Alison decided to rebuild the pond to encourage frogs to keep the slug population down.


The plan is to try and make this bigger and slightly deeper over time.  The bed that it is in will be where the two chairs will go and will have some potted flowers dotted around.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Plot 7 is no more….

Today was our last visit to Plot 7. I had to move the shed to A Plot of Two Halves.
So an early start to get a sprinter van from work and then down to Plot 7 to take the shed apart and load up.
By the time got to A Plot of Two Halves, Alison was already there and had started to weed the beds with the over wintering onions and garlic.
The van was unloaded with help of a fellow allotmenteer and the shed build started.
Once done I started to get the shed populated with the tools and usual shed stuff.
Alison had continued the weeding and we now have another 5 beds ready to plant in.




Alison also found a small pond in the corner of another bed.  We will make this bigger and introduce some frog spawn so the frogs will keep the slugs at bay.

Stay tuned as summer approaches….