Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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Plot Review – Month on Month

We were looking through some plot photo’s today, showing Alison’s niece what we had done so far, when we saw the image taken, the day we signed for the plot, the 27th of September 2014.


Within a month we had planned the area for the shed and large greenhouse, weeded and covered the area.


After the bonfire evening in November, we cracked on with the veg side of the plot and unearthed some pre existing beds.

20141115_142434_Bradfield Rd

December gave us some lovely frosty days.  One of these days gave me the opportunity to dig up the old raspberry canes and make that particular area ready for potatoes.

DSC_0148 DSC_0180

January saw a marked improvement in the whole plot.  We had a poly tunnel frame that we would use as a fruit cage, more beds were readied for planting and the over wintering onions and garlic were doing well.


February saw us build an arbour over the middle path at the front of both halves.  To grow up and over the arbour we have planted blackberries and raspberries.


March saw the large greenhouse take up residence on the plot.  The shed will go before the greenhouse to shield it from the wind, which generally blows down the site towards our plot.

Moved Greenhouse 2

March also saw us loose the poly tunnel frame that we planned to use as a fruit cage.  The wind got hold of it and blow it right to the end of the site.  We did rescue the netting and roof of the frame to use to net brassica beds.


April saw the shed make an appearance on the plot and 6 medium size beds plus the spud bed be ready for the planting to take place.  We also found that we had a small pond in the corner of one of the beds.

wpid-wp-1428182902297.jpeg wpid-wp-1428777706965.jpegwpid-wp-1428777727997.jpeg

And finally, or at least so far, to May.  The greenhouse is clean and ready for the tomatoes, the potatoes are in and the pond has changed dramatically!

Greenhouse DSC_0372 DSC_0382Veg Half 2

The veg side, or as it is now known as Alison’s side, looks great now and we have 4 small beds left to plant up.

Its been a great 8 months so far.  Lots of hard work but that work has paid off.

In addition, Humphrey Park Allotment Association is a great site to be part of.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful.  The community spirit is amazing and there are events planned through out the year, including the plant sale of this bank holiday weekend, to raise funds for the Association and to bring the plot holders together and keep the community spirit alive and kicking!!


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Strimming & Planting

Well, this weekend was the allotment plant sale. So, we were up earlier than normal on Saturday and Sunday to go and help out.

After we had done what we could, we returned to A Plot of Two Halves.

Alison prepared two more beds and planted carrots and parsnips.  Her drills and lines are getting straighter!  The carrots are in the bed that is covered with the parsnips next door, uncovered.

We were given some beans so they were planted in the unglazed greenhouse for them to climb up the corners.  We then netted the whole greenhouse to protect them.

Veg Half 2

Cucumbers will also go in the netted greenhouse to grow up strings from the apex of the roof.

We bought some flowers for the front border on the fruit half of the plot and I got to work planting them.

We have African marigolds, Cosmos, Corn Flower, Dahlia’s, Verbena, Petunia plus others, all planted and they should give a great show during the summer months and into Autumn.  All thats missing is some wood chip to cover the weed control fabric!!

Planted Front Border

Alison had also planted lots of new seeds to try and get at least some growing in the hope of rescuing what we had lost.

The broccoli is growing very well already.

Two of our fellow allotmenteers donated so tomato plants to us and we have re-potted them and housed them in the green house with the hop that they will give us some good crops this summer.

Tomatoes Chilli's & Basil Brocolli, Beetroot, Lettuce etc

Next weekend, we have the option of the Community Payback Team digging over the fruit half of the plot and giving us a fighting chance of actually planting on there and eventually putting a poly tunnel on there as well.  So we hired the allotment strimmer and and levelled all the weeds and grass that had grown.

Fruit Half

The guys will then turn it all over, rake and skim what’s left, dig a bloody great big hole, fill it and cover it over.

I will then level that half completely and cover with weed control fabric.  We will then plant fruit bushes through the covering and cover with wood chip.

We will also put the poly tunnel on this side.

Then we are almost down and ready to enjoy the plot, not that we don’t now but to know that we have broke the back of most of the hard work.

Stay tuned folks….summer is just around the corner!!

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Busy Weekend….

Well, that was one hell of a busy weekend!

The initial plan on Saturday was to clean the greenhouse glass, plant some more seeds to replace the ones that we lost in the last frost and to start to clear the fruit side of the plot.

Well, when we got to the plot, mares tail had completely taken over the beds we had already planted with over wintering and onions and was planning a mass invasion of the other beds!

Alison spent about 5 hours weeding the beds and rid the dreaded tail.

I started on the fruit side of the plot.  The plan is to weed, cover with control fabric and plant the fruit bushes etc through the fabric, hence, hopefully, reducing the weed factor.

Weeding both sides of the plot was hard going but was improved when, a fellow plot holder, offered us his pond and decked area that he no longer wanted on his plot!

So, we stopped weeding and moved onto the area where we had already planned to build a small pond.

After some weeding, digging and general tidying up, the deck and pond was in situ.

After all that work we called it a day and retired for some well earned food and hot showers.

Returning on Sunday morning for the plot AGM all was still looking good, so we decided to go back, clean the glass and plant a load of seeds.

First though, I had to arrange a small paved area behind the pond, so that we could sit and enjoy the rewards of our labour.

It’s not fantastic but it does the job nicely.  When some wood chip arrives, this area will be completely covered.


The beds that Alison weeded look great now.  The potatoes are weeded and the mounded.

DSC_0372 DSC_0374 DSC_0375 DSC_0376

The onions and garlic look great and the rhubarb is coming on nicely.

Alison planted tomato, pepper, chilli, cucumber, basil, leek, broccoli, lettuce, celery and spring onion seeds hoping that we can at least get some crop from them.  Got a feeling though, we will be buying some at the plant sale next weekend.

All of the seeds were then watered and placed in the clean greenhouse.  Lets see how they get on!!

DSC_0377 DSC_0379

Then it was off home to a lovely spag bol made by our daughter.  Just what the doctor ordered!!

Stay tuned for more updates folks…..

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Glazing in the Rain!!

After we finished glazing the greenhouse last week, we could not get the door to to fit so, this week I had to start again, almost.

I took the glass out of the roof and the end panels and took the roof off totally.

The sides were then pulled in slightly and the roof reseated.

The door was then fitted and the end panels re glazed.

Greenhouse from the shedGreenhouse 2

The roof was then re-glazed whilst it rained constantly!

The door actually runs better now than it ever has done!!  The glass fits better and it is now fit for purpose.

We have wood chipped the floor as we plan to grow tomatoes in pots in there this year until the poly tunnel is on the plot.

Next year it will be used for seeds and propagation.

Now we can move onto starting again, what we have lost so far due to the frost.

We can also concentrate on weeding and finishing the preparation of the vegatable side of the plot and move on the fruit side, which is not in good shape at present.

Stay tuned for more updates……