Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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A Plot of Two Halves, now has Two Halves!

Long day at the plot today and it started well and got better!

The community Payback guys were digging one half of our plot over after it had been strimmed previously.

This was the half after the strimming session:


The payback guys dug over and removed the weeds on over 40 square meters of the area that you see above.  I then covered the area with weed control fabric, pinned and weighed it down to protect from the winds.

DSC_0440DSC_0429 DSC_0430

There is still a bit to clear but it shouldn’t take that long and then the whole area will be covered.

On here we will have a poly tunnel and a fruit area, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries etc.

At the front we already have a plum tree and a cherry tree and we will add a pear tree and some more rhubarb.

Alison was busy weeding and planting today.  She planted the cucumbers in the netted greenhouse, where the beans are growing nicely.  She also planted out the beetroot and lettuces.

I made a 6ft x 6ft raised bed and repaired a couple of others.  We now only have the 6ft x 6ft bed to plant in on the veg side of the plot.

DSC_0431 DSC_0432 DSC_0433 DSC_0434

We also have some new arrivals in the pond; 2 frogs found by the payback guys were re homed and joined the tadpoles.

DSC_0437 DSC_0438

At the end of day Alison planted more flowers in the front of the plot which will attract some much needed bees!!

the next few weeks will be interesting as everything is starting to grow and fruit.  Happy times ahead!

Stay tuned folks…….