Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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Light Weekend Duties

Had a bit of a lazy weekend, this weekend.  I went to the plot on Thursday evening to try and get ahead for the weekend and weeded the bed that had had some of the over wintering onions in.

Ready for action

On Saturday, i visited the plot in the early evening for a couple of hours.  I managed to weed the final bed with over wintering onions in, the beetroot and lettuce bed, the carrot bed and the celery bed.

weeded carrots Onions from the bed Lettuce and beets

I then put some catch netting on the greenhouse door so that we could leave the door open without fear of anything getting inside.

Netted door

Every night, the tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse have been watered, either by us or by Adam, a fellow allotmenteer, thanks Adam.

During next week, when we have a free evening, we will finish the weeding on the fruit side of the plot in preparation for the poly tunnel and fruit area.

Stay tuned…..


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Chippings – At Last

Having missed out on two loads of chippings in a week, when the call came at lunchtime,  I dived in to the car a raced to meet the delivery guy.

Once hands had been shaken, we drove to the plot.

Under estimating the quantity on the vehicle, I told the guy to drop it on the road that runs through the site, outside our plot.

Big mistake!



Having only 20 minutes to try and move it onto the plot, I gave up and decided that, that would be tonight’s job!!

So, Alison and I went to the plot from work, borrowed a wheel barrow and started to relocate the chippings.

Alison started to cover the pathways and I started to cover the weed control fabric on the other half of the plot.

With some help we got the majority onto the plot.







Hopefully, the chippings will not only improve the look of our plot but will help to keep the weeds at bay.

All that is left is now on the path between the arbor.


Still lots to do but improvements are coming along quickly now.

Stay tuned and enjoy the journey with us :mrgreen:

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Hot Day in the Sun

Long day at the plot yesterday.  Got there about 1045 with plans to weed the beds and continue on the fruit side and cover the remaining area.

The garlic looked ready to harvest so that was the first job.  Weeded that bed as well so that we could plant in it afterwards.

We had one Elephant garlic and the rest was over wintering garlic.  Most was OK but some were small with more cloves growing further up the stem!?

Elephant Garlic GarlicOnions and Garlic

Alison weeded the rest of the beds and we found that we had quite a few carrots which was a nice surprise.

We left the parsnip bed alone as we couldn’t quite distinguish them from the weeds!!


Alison then planted the celery and broccoli in the bed that had housed the garlic.

Celery & Broccoli

Then it was the turn of the bean and cucumber bed to get weeded.  We harvested some beans.

Beans & Cucumber Beans& Cucumber 2

I continued to weed and cover the fruit side of the plot and I marked out the area for the poly tunnel.  Just got to order it now!!

Before we left the greenhouse plants and tomatoes outside the greenhouse got a good watering.

Tomatoes Tomatoes and Peppers Greenhouse Tomatoes

Along day but a productive one.