Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….


Over Wintering

This weekend I planted our over wintering onions and garlic.

We don’t grow winter veg but I think it is always nice to have something growing, or appearing to grow, over the winter period.

This year we are growing Elephant and Christo garlic and Shakespeare onions.Christo and Elephant Garlic Shakespeare Onions

The rest of the beds that are cleared of weeds and those that need weeding, will be manured and left for the ravages of a nice cold winter!

All being well we will build the fruit cage over the winter and prep it for new fruit bushes.

Lots to do and we are hoping for a cold rather than wet winter to allow us to do what we need to.

Stay tuned…..


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Just a bit of work…

Did a bit of work on our plot this weekend,  and I mean a bit!

Managed to weed another bed and part of another.

Picked the last of the chilli’s and tomatoes and took the onions and garlic home that had been drying in the greenhouse.

The was a lovely Red Admiral butterfly gorging itself on the Michaelmas daisies.  It was there for almost 20 minutes and posed for photo’s!!

Still loads to do….









It’s Been 6 Weeks….

Yep, it’s been 6 weeks since we put in any work on the Plot of Two Halves!!

We have been to Greece in this 6 weeks, celebrated 3 birthdays and said goodbye to the family dog, Bess.

Fun, tiring and emotional, but this weekend we needed to focus and get back to it.

I got there and the mist was still lingering over the site and on some of the plants.

Misty plot site Dew (4) Borage (2)

We were expecting the worst but upon arrival, things didn’t seem so bad.


The plan was to attack this bed by bed and so work commenced.

One Down Two Down

The first two beds, although the smaller ones on the plot, took about two hours to weed.

Next, I lifted the Chioggia beetroot from another bed and weeded that.  The beets were all quite big, which was great to see as we planned to pickle them!


And pickle them we did!  We now have plenty to last us a while!!

Pickled Chioggia Beetroot (2) Pickled Chioggia Beetroot (1)

We then lifted all of the carrots.  Now, we had not had any success with carrots before no matter what we did.  |This year, Alison just planted the seeds in drill and we waited to see what happened.

Well, before we went to Greece, 6 weeks ago, there was a competition on the site and Alison won first prize for our carrots!


We were very pleased with this but still had plenty to lift.  So, when we started to lift the carrots, we were amazed by the size, quality and quantity!

Beets and carrots Harvest

There was enough to share on the plot, make carrot and coriander soup with, share with family and friends!

Alison weeded and tidied the cucumbers and we took 12 home with us.

Cumbers strung up (1) Cumbers strung up (2)

So, after a long day, we had made great in roads and were very pleased with our efforts and returned home to start the pickling and soup making.

Hard Days Work

Next week we plant to weed more beds and get them ready for manure and the winter.

Stay tuned folks……