Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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Cold Frame & Fruit Cage

Spent a good few hours at the plot today.  The weather was kind as it didn’t rain and was nice and mild.

I had taken a lot of wood to the plot during the week and needed to sort it out into what we needed and what I could give the site for anyone to use.


Once done, I got on with building one of the two cold frames that we had been given.

The first one will go along the length of the greenhouse and we will grow lettuce and spring onions it in grow bags.


Once cleaned and situated correctly, it was time to move on to the fruit cage.

As followers of the blog will know, I had already situated the met posts and 6 of the eight upright posts.

Now was time the add the top bars.

So that’s two thirds of the fruit cage almost completed.  There will be mid rails for more support and also support bars in the angles.

Then, we have to decide what fruit we will grow!

All being well, the cage will be completed in the next week and we can start to concentrate of the fruit and not the cage and also on cleaning the greenhouse and planning the seeds to sow!

Exciting times ahead as the growing season will soon be upon us.

Stay tuned folks…..




Fruit Enclosure (for want of a better title!)

So today I went to the plot for the first time in months!!  Well, in actual fact, it is the first time in months!

Between the bad weather, a trip to New York and the festivities of Christmas and the New Year, we have not found the time to go.

We have always wanted an area where we can grow fruit and keep it netted to protect it from the birds.  So, this weekend saw (no pun intended) me purchase the timber and met posts and make a start.


The enclosure will be 8 ft wide by 24 ft long and will be netted.

The first 6 met posts have been sunk into the ground, which after all the rain was easily accomplished by hand!

The treated timber has been screwed in situ in the met posts and.


The top rails and middle rails will be added on the next visit, as will the angled braces.

We then have to decide what fruit bushes we want to plant and get the whole enclosure netted.

I also managed to clean and tidy the shed during today’s visit.

It is now nice and clean and organised a bit better.

So, we now have some impetus going forward into the coming weeks to finish the fruit enclosure, finish the weeding and generally tidy up the plot.

Stay tuned folks……….