Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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Strawberry Gutters

Been a while since I’ve blogged about A Plot of Two Halves so need to get back on that horse.

The fruit cage now has the addition of two gutters containing strawberry plants.

We’ve put them in the guttering so to keep them from the floor and the slugs!!

We already have fruit on one of the plants!!


Once this little job was done, i moved on the my nemesis, known as The Mound!!


That was 6 bags of weeding on its own and about a third of the mound area is now gone.

Once it is all gone the final 8ft square of the fruit cage can be added and the netting put around it.

We will also add some raspberry bushes and blueberry bushes to help enhance our jam making!


The two gooseberry bushes and two blackcurrant  bushes are coming on nicely.  In fact they are bigger than in this photo now!  No fruit this year but there will be next year, along with the additions mentioned above.

So, we need to finish the mound and them weed the mares tail that has suddenly come to life in the last couple of weeks!!

Stay tuned folks…..