Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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April Fool

So, this weekend saw our first visit to the plot with the intention of doing some work.

Saturday, I visited on my own as Ally was busy socialising!

I took all the seedlings we had planted at home on the 18th of March and the two big bags of compost we had purchased.cof

We had various variety of tomato’s, pepper’s, chilli’s, cucumbers and beet roots.

Some where strong enough to pot on and some we left to harden off.

The tomato’s where transplanted into 9 inch pots where they will stay.  the pepper’s and chilli’s where moving into 7 inch pots.

I tidied out the greenhouse to accommodate all the pots and trays and set about organising them in it.


I then built the second cold frame, tidied all of our wood to behind the greenhouse, out of eyesight and planned to plant the 4 fruit bushes we had bought but, managed to catch my leg on the edge of a broken glass pane and cut it.  What an April Fool!


So that bough the end to the day at the plot.  I went home, got the wound cleaned and dressed.

On Sunday we had plans to go out but, as most of the roads around where we live where closed for the Manchester Marathon, we went to the plot again.

Ally came with me this time and it was a glorious day,

I planted the four fruit bushes, a blueberry, a black current and two raspberry bushes.  Ally weeded, tidied and organised the raised beds.


We need more wood chip to level the beds out and finish covering the bottom of the plot and the fruit cage.  We will then buy some top soil to fill the beds and get the netting for the fruit cage.

We will then be done and ready to plant outside!

Our plum and pear tree are covered in blossom so we are expecting a bumper crop!

Stay tuned for more regular updates as the year progresses.