Plot 32A

Plot 32A was A Plot of Two Halves but now we only have the one half….

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Are we there yet?

We nearly are!!

It’s been a busy but productive weekend on Plot 32A.

We have finally finished weeding the uncovered area, covered it with weed control fabric and then covered on top with wood chip.

We have started to arrange the raised beds where we want them and also added to the fruit cage with some red / white current bushes that we have been given.


Everything in the greenhouse is progressing nicely and we have our first flowers on the tomato plants.


The cucumbers are getting bigger now so hopefully we will also have some flowers soon.


The peppers and chillis (not sure which are which!) are growing in stature every visit.


In the fruit cage is filling up nicely now as the bushes we planted last year are maturing.

The gooseberries have fruit on them as do the black currents.


The new bushes planted this year, raspberry and blue berry and growing nicely.  Wer have planted a climbing black berry and added some current plants, in pots, where they will stay until we know which variety they are.


As we don’t have a composter, we have to bag up and take our weeds home.  we have 5 full bags and 3 containers, all full, to transport home on the next visit, as there was no room in the car this time!!


Now, we need to get some top soil for the raised beds and we can start to grow outside of the green house.

Stay tuned for more updates folks and thanks for reading…..